All about Tessuti

There is nothing more handsome than a well-groomed and well-dressed man. All men look good in suits but even in the right jeans or track suit, you guys can look good. Tessuti know that.

In 1985 when continental designer men’s clothing which was limited in availability, Tessuti was established and fixed that problem. They stocked brands such as Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace. They gained a huge following and so the store grew and continues to do so today.

Now with top brands such as True Religion Jeans, Armani Jeans, Polo Ralph Lauren and Stone Island, Tessuti offers the best quality in clothing. They continue to strive to have the hottest labels before anyone else as well as the tried, tested and trusted labels that men love.

Their men’s designer jeans range in particular is pretty incredible; heck I’d even wear some of them myself. So I’ve put on my personal shopper badge for you guys and picked out some great finds from Tessuti that can be mixed and matched together and with what you already have…

TessutiFrom Left-Right:
True Religion Geno Super T Regular Fit Jeans
Ralph Lauren Bolingbrook Canvas Pumps
Hugo Boss Jaron Slim Fit Shirt
Burberry Brit Crew Neck Knit
Jacob Cohen Limited Edition Comfort Fit Jeans
Hugo Boss Jarrett Belt
Icecream Crew Neck Cones & Bones T-Shirt
Barbour Steve McQueen™ Wax Retriever Bag

Remember guys, with great jeans comes great responsibility. 😉

Happy Shopping!

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