Despicable Me: Minion Rush Reviewed

despicable me minion rush game

So we said that we were addicted to Despicable Me and that we were looking forward to the game… well we’re now totally addicted!

The game is a runner game where you take control of a minion and have to get on the highest scoreboard as he wants ‘Minion of the Year’. It’s more than just a runner game as there are many obstructions and upgrades through the game. I also found that the backgrounds of the game were distracting as there is so much going on and clips from the film. This is obviously done on possible to take you off guard, or just me as I am addicted to these films.

despicable me minion rush

Some tips for you;

  • When you see a minion on the side of the runway or under a grill in the road, aim for them. You don’t have to do anything just move your minion into their way and they will do the rest.
  • When you get to the boss levels during the gameplay, avoid the larger units but tap on the explosive ones as these get fired back into their direction.
  • If you see green runway ahead, get ready to tilt as you try to get your minion safely through. I wouldn’t worry about getting all the bananas here, worry about survival.
  • You can switch lanes mid-air (there are 3) and this can be pretty handy when you take notice of what is ahead.
  • Upgrade your minion when you can, there are so many upgrades and you should get them when you can.
  • There are goals to complete through the game, they have some good rewards so remember to work your way through.
  • Get the fluffy unicorn! When you see it, grab it as it’s bananas galore. Tilt away and you’ll be upgrading with all those bananas in no time.
  • When you’re out of lives and the slow revive button comes up, simply press lots outside this box and you’ll be able to start another game straight away.

I downloaded the game on both the iPhone and the iPad, I found for me I suited the bigger version but I could still get a pretty high score on the iPhone. This app gets the full 5/5 as I’ve been playing it now for nearly two weeks and there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t played it. Once you play once, you just cannot stop!

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  1. I immediately picked up my daughters IPod to download this game and alas her iPod is dead. ;-( I loved the first movie and can not wait to see the second. The graphics above seem great. Thanks for the tips. I will let you know what I think as soon as her iPod is charged.

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