Funky Urban Fashion Dominating Female Fashion

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The latest fashion rumours have said that Funk is in and aptly Vogue has confirmed it while Elle 18 has testified it. Funky Urban fashion has been a trend which started from Hip-Hop in the 1980s and gradually matured to Funk today. And a major portion of the fashion industry dedicates itself to Female fashion; funk has spread to the female fashion industry as well. Ladies today style themselves up with the latest trends on the streets and therefore follow ‘the being street smart’ concept of Funky Urban Fashion.

And true to the facts, they no longer stick to the old and boring concepts of dressing up. Today, being unique is all that matters. But unique things come with a price tag, here it being to sacrifice comfort. But this is not true with Funky style statements as they believe in combining fashion with comfort. Funk is of late a widely followed practice among those who keep a tab on fashion. Also, they say that luxury combined with fashion is a woman’s greatest pursuit. Besides, comfort or luxury, there is always a desire to get noticed, with which girls today are born. And as a girl grow into a woman, this tendency only matures and is given a great boost by fashion trends. So, we find many women preferring funky urban dressing to the conventional styling in order to make a statement.

Let us now look how the funky urban fashion has taken over female fashion:

Starting with foot wear, wearing flip flops is the trend when one has to dress up funky. And such footwear is a boon for women of all types. But effectively, funky footwear is reflected in a funkier version of belle shoes among women, called Fluevog shoes.

Then comes the funk answer to head band, the bandana. Of every possible design, hue or colour, these bandanas are a fad among young girls who want to deliver an urban style quotient. Or, instead headbands, a hair clip or a butterfly fixture that goes well with the dress, does the trick.

Nothing can replace the overall dressing, even if it means using the latest shoes or hairclips. So, as far as female fashion goes, it surely has to be the latest neon pants or the variable hued pants which have now become a rave among women of all age. These pants can be added up with funky Tees to give the extra funky touch. If these pants are considered dull or repetitive, then one can always wear cargoes or maybe Harem pants for the right amount of funk.

Piercing is another statement of funk; piercing brows, nose or chin is common among followers of funk these days.

Of late, many mega stars including Rihanna have seen to flaunt their funk statements. In her latest video- Fail in love, Rihanna flaunts a chic yet street smart dress. And, of course her flaunting a half shaved head is a topic of discussion in major fashion houses. Also, one can see other stars like Jessie J or Rita Ora with funky shades or a funky hairdo anywhere, anytime.

So, one can aptly conclude that being funky is the trend of the season and female fashion is completely influenced or more precisely ‘dominated’ by it.

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