League Of Legends- A Multiplayer Online Battle Video Game

League of Legends is online multiplayer combat battle video games which is developed and launched by Riot Games. This game is enthused by Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. This multiplayer online combat battle was first introduced on 7th October 2008 and then released on 27th October 2009. The starting of League of Legends was good and it was accepted very well by the fans of online battle video games. In October 2012, it was declared by Riots that 12 million players play League of Legends per day.

Overview of League of Legends

In this game two teams are formed with 5 different champions. As of 13th June 2013, there are now total of 114 champions from which the players choose 5 dissimilar champions to form their team. Every player starts the game from opposite side of map which is near to a building named as Nexus. A match is ended when one of the teams destroy the Nexus of enemy team. In order to destroy Nexus of opposing team, it is necessary to place the series of Turrets along a Lane (a path to each base). Each player of a team achieves a level whenever he kills the Minions and Champions of opposing team and also defeats neutral monsters. After getting the objective, players are rewarded with gold that can be used to buy other items and thus they can make their Champion stronger.

Gaming Mode and Matchmaking

The game of League of Legends is based upon session. Matchmaking builds teams of those players that have an average MMR i.e. Matchmaking Rate. By using Elo formula along with proprietary modifications, Matchmaking makes the team. There are total five different modes in this game. These are: Tutorial, Co-Op vs. Al, Custom, Normal and Ranked.

Tutorial Mode in League of Legends is a combination of two preliminary games that helps in teaching the basics.

Custom Mode lets the players to build their own games that they want to opt rather than depending upon the matchmaking to build a team.

In Co-Op vs. AI gaming mode players are matched in opposition to a team of bots.

Ranked gaming mode is available for those players that have reached level 30. This mode makes the use of Drafts in which first player of team prohibits 3 Champions from the game. Now the two teams cannot possess identical champion. Besides this, the picking of Champions by opposing team is visible to the before the game start.  Ranked gaming mode players are pitted in a League system.

Maps or Field of Justice

Maps used in League of Legends are known as Field of Justice and there are basically four maps available for players to choose from i.e. three maps of 5 vs. 5 and one map of 3 vs. 3.


Dominion is another game mode of League of Legend which was introduced in September 2011. With Dominion a player is able to bring out faster action and strategic game play on new map. The specialty of this gaming mode is that it is shorter than other conventional classic games (30 to 45 min). Its duration is last about 15 to 25 min.

Matthew Anton has been playing various online video games from last some years. He has excellent knowledge of various online games like World of tanks, League of legends and thus wants to share it with the fans of online game.

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