Three reasons to splash out on a top of the range road bike

Cycling is enjoying a renaissance of sorts in the UK in recent years. With the major successes Team GB have had over the past few Olympic games, to the brilliant Tour de France win for Sir Bradley Wiggins last year, to the on-going push of cycling buy Sky and their Team Sky racing team. But if you are one of the millions who have regularly taken up cycling you may be wondering if you should take the plunge and buy yourself an expensive, top-of-the-range bike. They certainly aren’t cheap, but as in any expensive equipment for any sport or hobby, you get what you pay for. So here are three reasons why you should splash out on that expensive road bike.


One of the main reasons or buying a top-of-the-range road bike would be that it gives you a better performance than the cheaper models. The more expensive bikes tend to weigh less that the dearer models, which allows you to go further for the effort you put in. If you ride long distances and/or have a route that is very hilly, it will become noticeably more comfortable with an expensive road bike. Suddenly that bike ride you’ve been looking for excuses to cancel becomes a highlight of your day.


The more you cycle the more of a beating your bike is going to take, so its important that you are getting value for money when you choose your bike. High-end bikes are made of handcrafted parts that offer a greater quality of construction than machine made bikes. Production bikes tend to wear quicker which means they will need replacing more frequently, something you as a cyclist would rather avoid.


Due to the handcrafted parts and specifically designed aesthetics of the frames and seat, you are able to fit your bike out to enable maximum comfort. The bike will feel like part of you rather than a machine you use to get from a to b. The more you are willing to spend, the greater the range o customisable parts available to you, which means you can tailor everything from the seat to the gears, the handle bars to the brakes or the pedals.

Once you have decided to purchase yourself a high quality road bike, you have to be sure that you are getting what you pay for. Big name manufacturers like Ridley offer a wide range of high performance bikes. Ridley bikes are designed by a world-renowned team who are involved in the world of professional racing, meaning they have expertise that few others offer.

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