Why the British Roast is so Famous Worldwide

There are a few things that one could list that sum up the essence of quintessential British-ness. Cricket on the village green. Damp summers and grey winters. The Queen and her Corgis. However, few of these capture the imagination quite like the idea of a traditional British roast dinner.

british roast

Good enough to eat – the British roast

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1e/Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01.jpg/640px-Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01.jpg

Roasted meat served with vegetables and gravy has been staple fare in the UK for centuries and is one thing that we continue to go back to when all the food fads and culinary experimentation fades. Everyone from top chefs to future mother-in-laws are judged on their ability to turn out a good roast dinner. But why has its fame spread from the UK to achieve fame around the world?

The history of the roast

There are many tall tales that surround the history of the roast dinner dating back centuries and culminating in meal you see today. Legend has it that back in mediaeval times; servants would work for their master for six days out of seven and on a Sunday would be rewarded with a spitted ox or other game after their post-church battle practice.

At the start of the industrial revolution, many working families across the country would share an oven at the end of a row of terraced houses where a large joint of meat would be placed in the morning before church on a Sunday. On returning from their service, the families would each take their part of the meat and bulk out the meal with vegetables, potatoes and other accompaniments such as stuffing or Yorkshire pudding to make a Sunday meal for everyone to eat together.

british roast

Another lovely looking roast!

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/02/Sunday_roast_-_roast_beef_1.jpg/640px-Sunday_roast_-_roast_beef_1.jpg

Today, the roast dinner is served in dining rooms and restaurants up and down the country. A number of restaurant chains pride themselves on serving nothing but roast dinners, offering a choice of meat and vegetables to allow guests to create the dinner of their dreams. Even in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the land, variations on the roast dinner are created every week and served to hungry customers who love traditional fare.

World fame

Across the world, this traditional meal has become something of a legend. While it may lack some of the flair and finesse of some of the more flashy continental cuisine, it has become a firm favourite with Anglophiles and visitors to Britain over the years. Its simplicity and honest flavours make it popular with visitors looking to get a true taste of traditional British cooking on their visit to the UK.

Expatriate communities have taken the Sunday lunch with them across the globe, and as such you can now find a roast dinner in many far-flung parts of the world. Although the cuts of meat and types of vegetables available in other countries may differ and lend a different flavour to the traditional British roast, there is still something that makes the serving of roast meat, potatoes and vegetables a taste of home away from home.


The British roast dinner has become popular around the world as a taste of traditional British cookery and an insight into the country’s cultural and industrial past. There are now places around the globe where a roast dinner is regularly served to give expatriates and local people a taste of British tradition and cuisine. However, to get a true appreciation for the majesty of a roast dinner with all the trimmings, you really need to experience a home-cooked dinner in a British home.

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