10 Tasty American Dishes Perfect for Catering Weddings

American foods can often be difficult to identify since many of them are influenced by and combined with other countries’ dishes. American food is known for its diversity due to these many influences and borrowed styles all of which come together to create a blend of appetizing and tasty dishes. After a couple centuries of home style cooking, cultural infusion, culinary creativity, even delicious simplicity, foods from all over the world have joined forces with the American tradition to craft a style of its own.

People are catering weddings with these delicious delicatessens to get the most flavor and diversity out their weddings. The diverse American food tradition gives people variety with their meals, which is particularly beneficial when feeding large crowds, such as at weddings! Since these special occasions must bring people together and keep their hunger satisfied, it’s important to accommodate to the diversity of people’s food preferences with a tasty, hearty and assorted catered meal, which is exactly where the top American food traditions come into the picture.


1.      Cobb Salad: The invention of the Cobb Salad proves that America is capable of creating a delicious dish on its own. It’s a garden salad mixed with tomato, bacon, chicken breast, avocado, a hard-boiled egg, blue cheese and tossed in a red-wine vinaigrette dressing. It’s a great start to a delicious meal.

2.      Artisan Breads:  Artisan breads have grown to be a favorite in America. Rather than the simplicity of prepackaged bread, hand-baked breads offer more complexity in texture and larger variety of flavors.  They are especially prominent during high-class events and elegant dinners, which is exactly how weddings are identified.

3.      Vegetables, Dips, Pita Bread & Chips:  An assortment of vegetables and dips allows people to socialize while eating a light, healthy snack. Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower are popular vegetables and hummus, veggie dips (roasted garlic, dill Greek yogurt style or onion, which are cream-based dips) and guacamole are excellent complements to vegetables, chips and even pita bread.


4.      BBQ Brisket:  BBQ is a widely acclaimed American food tradition that only gets better. A favorite BBQ meat usually comes down to ribs, but since it’s during a wedding, it’s best to keep it clean and without finger foods, especially ones as messy as ribs. It’s difficult to choose, but another favorite it brisket. The cooking method is long, but the taste is well worth the wait.

5.      Chicken Alfredo Pasta:  A delicious and filling dish is chicken Alfredo pasta. The white, creamy sauce complements chicken very well, plus it’s generally favored among the masses.

6.      Salmon:  For those who love fish, smoked salmon is a lovely dish to serve at a wedding. It’s elegant and pairs with an assortment of wines. Salmon also has many methods of preparation. Smoked is a popular method, but it can also be grilled, in which case lemon and even BBQ go well with the fish flavoring.


7.      Green Beans:  Green beans are a simple and traditional side served at weddings. Common styles are prepared with bacon or even in a casserole form, but by themselves is a safe, yet tasty option when serving several guests.

8.      Classic Potato Salad: Providing some sort of potato side dish is a must at an American wedding. Prominent sides include potato salad and mashed potatoes. It depends on the main course, though. A classic one is potato salad, which is usually prepared with eggs, mayonnaise, scallions, a light amount of sweet pickles and mixed with an assortment of seasonings and herbs, such as pepper, salt and parsley. Safe, filling and delicious.


9.      Cake, of course: Cake is by far the most popular dessert at an American wedding. Whether it’s white, dark, mixed, you name it. If it’s a cake, it’s suitable for any American wedding.

10.  Chocolate Dipping Fountain: A truly sophisticated dessert typically seen at upper-class weddings is a chocolate dipping fountain. A flowing stream of chocolate will accentuate any wedding. Fruits, particularly strawberries, and sweets are delightful for dipping into and complementing the chocolate.

American weddings dishes offer a wide selection of delicious foods, some of which are elegant, while others are simple, yet down right tasty. While catering, they all work together to create a wonderful experience and an enjoyable meal for any family member attending the special occasion.

Sam Ott writes for Lutz’s BBQ in Jefferson City and Columbia, Mo. Sam loves to write about food and share cultural experiences. Visit Lutz’s today for catering weddings and other special occasions.

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