Book Review: The Forever Whale by Sarah Lean

The Forever Whale

Here is the last of my book reviews from Sarah Lean, but I do hope that this isn’t the last as I will be looking out for more books from her for sure.

Hannah adores her Grandad. The trouble is, Grandad has Alzheimer’s and he’s always forgetting things. He keeps trying to tell Hannah a story about a whale, and it seems really important, but it’s all jumbled up. Then Grandad has a stroke and he can’t remember anything, not even Hannah. It’s like he’s lost inside himself. Determined to get Grandad back, Hannah sets out to make a film that will remind him of his life – and in so doing, starts to piece together an extraordinary story about a whale that connects Grandad’s childhood to her own.

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This is yet another beautiful book by Sarah Lean, this one deals with a very sensitive issue but in a way that still brings hope and also shows the love between a family at such times. Having lost someone close to me with Alzheimer’s this made me cry a lot but more because it’s such a shattering disease and even adults struggle to explain it let alone a child having to see someone they love go through it.

This is beautifully handled by Sarah Lean and I will be sure to look out for more books from her.


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