A Christening Gift

christening gift

There are always dates in the diary that require more planning; weddings, christenings, birthdays etc. What to wear but also the most important thing – the gift! Last month I was stressing as there was a Christening looming in August (last weekend) and I had absolutely no idea what to get as a gift. I always buy some sort of cuddly teddy (age appropriate) and then something to keep to remember the day. I was a bit out of ideas and as this was the daughter of a friend who helped out with my daughter’s Christening, effort needed to be made!

Then we were asked to review a Christening Present idea from Goodheart Gifts – job done!

I went along with the recommendation of the Personalised Diamante Heart Compact and awaited my delivery. The compact was priced at £19.95 and I think it would make a good option for Mother’s Day but also for bridesmaid gifts!

The compact arrived and I was a bit underwhelmed by the packaging. It was presented in a white cardboard box that was a bit dented and had marks on it. With my decision to check the mirror (and also to take photos for this write up) I had to open it. The box soon went in the recycling… *buy box for compact* went on my shopping list. Inside it was packaged wih tissue paper in the orange and turqouise colour of Goodheart Gifts. As the theme of the Christening was pink, this made its way to my craft drawer.

As for the compact itself it was very pretty and I hadn’t been expecting the diamante front to be covered so the design is flush. I have often caught jumpers on diamante things and had wondered if this wasn’t to be kept as a keepsake how it would cope in someone’s bag for instance. No problems here with that. The compact was a little awkward to open, I gave instructions to my friend on how I had found it easiest to open – of course her husband opened it first time with a look of “Ta-dah!”…

christening compact

The compact also came with free engraving which was a nice added touch, so many places you have to pay extra for that. I was a little surprised that their working hours are Monday – Friday 9-5 and this does not include bank holidays. I didn’t order direct through the site but have had a quick go at putting things into a basket to see that the site is easy to use. As for delivery times I also cannot comment on either as this took a while to arrive but was not done through the normal channels. Their standard service for delivery is free when you spend over £30, which seems very doable from all the choice they have on the site.

Overall I thought the compact was a very good price for the gift. The compact was pretty heavy and durable and it did make a lovely shimmery gift. I thought the cardboard box was a bit naff but I didn’t pay for any gift wrapping etc so this was just a gift. Something to think about if I was to use the site to send a gift to someone else though. I think just the tissue paper would be much nicer, with a bubble wrap layer too.

I would definitely look at Goodheart Gifts again and especially with the “C” word looming…

Disclaimer – I was sent the compact free in return for a honest review.

P.S. I decided to also send my friend flowers and some spa goodies as it’s a lot of pressure doing a Christening when you’ve got a baby that needs her Mum every single hour of the day. Just a tip for you 😉

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