Dalek Cake – Birthday Exterminate!

Dalek Cake

So, last week it was my birthday (21 obviously) and it is my daughters this week.  As Whovian’s of the highest order it was quite easy to justify the £16.99 cost of a Lakeland dalek cake tin.  Basically I am so damn impressed with myself for making this cake I thought I’d share.  I also thought it might be helpful because I couldn’t really find any hints or tips for how long to cook a cake in this mould and as the dalek body is far thicker than the head I was worried about ending up with one end dried out and the other uncooked.

OK so it suggests on the box that you use an 8 egg mix.  I only had 6 eggs and this worked fine.  If you do use an 8 egg mix it will take slightly longer to cook.  I used a basic sponge mix with added cocoa powder:

6 eggs

12oz unsalted butter

12oz caster sugar

12oz self raising flour

1tsp baking powder

1tsp vanilla essence

4 tbsp coco powder

Cream the sugar and butter until it is light and fluffy.

Gradually add in the flour, baking powder, eggs, vanilla and cocoa until the batter is well combined.

So far, so simple.

I preheated my oven to about 170 degrees which is cooler than I would usually use for a sponge cake.  Make sure the mould has been well greased.  Silicone doesn’t normally need this but looking on line some people had posted that their cakes had stuck.  I use spray on 1 cal spray which gives good coverage for minimum extra fat.

Pour the batter into the mould.  Unlike some silicone molds this one feels very sturdy and well supported.  Smooth the mixture and make sure there is batter in all the evil robots nooks and crannies – especially the top antenna.

I baked the cake for half an hour at 175 and then placed a loose sheet of foil over the cake to stop the top burning and cooked it for another 20 minutes before a final 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

Once the cake was done I left it alone until it was completely cold and it popped out no problem.

How you decorate it is entirely up to you.  My dalek was piped with chocolate fudge icing which I popped into an icing bag.  I also used edible silver balls, recreated the plungers with vegetarian gum drops on lollypop sticks and sprayed the finish cake with silver spray.  As you read this we will hopefully be tucking into dalek two who will be a lemon cake decorated with piped lemon curd and vanilla frosting and sprayed gold.  Really the possibilities are endless.  Which is just as well since everyone is getting a dalek cake from now on…….

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