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When you have your own blog it can be really easy just to head to Google Images for all of your blog photos. To escape the pitfalls of copyright it can be good to find yourself a better way. I signed up with Kozzi ages ago and did nothing with it… nothing!

Then when I was having no luck finding an image on creative commons on Flickr I reminded my Kozzi registration. I found exactly what I needed.

They have a range of free to use stock images and they also have some that you have to pay for. If you sign up via referral you get $10 of credits free. For my $10 I got 14 images which is pretty good value. I have also used the stock images a few times too, there are some great choices in there for a variety of topics.

Referral Link / Link Without Referral

The same with everything on the internet, remember to give credit and you should avoid any trouble. Plus everyone loves to see their name in lights (credited on a blog) right?

I use Kozzi and Flickr for images, what do you guys use?

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