Playful in Plimsolls

I’ve mentioned how I hardly wear heels anymore yeah? I do still love heels but I just generally prefer being short and not wobbling all over the place. 😉

I love all kinds of flats but in particular the humble plimsoll…

Did you know that the plimsoll was first made in the 1830s for beach goers and they were the most popular kind of shoes in the 70s and 80s? You learn something new everyday don’t ya?! Nowadays they’re still very popular but they come in so many different styles, plus we’re more courageous with fashion then we ever used to be so plimsolls are being worn with almost everything and everywhere, not just to the beach.

Plimsolls look great with all styles of jeans, with skirts, shorts and even dresses, plus you can do so much more in them than you could in stilettos.

New Look have a fabulous range of plimsolls for everyone. Here are a couple of my favourites and I picked out ones to suit the rest of the family too…

For WomenLadies PlimsollsRock and Candy Purple Stripe Skull Freedom Pumps (I am obsessed with these shoes. I need them so bad!!)
Coral Lace Up Plimsolls

For TeensPlimsollsCream Tapestry Floral High Tops (Perfect for cute, feminine look.)
Black Lace Up Flatform Plimsolls (I love the height with these, I think they’d be perfect with a skater dress.)
Navy Double Tongue Lace Up Trainers
Burgundy Chunky Lace Up Plimsolls
Black Dog Print Plimsolls (How ridiculously cute are these?!)

For MenMens PlimsollsMens Red and Blue USA Flag Plimsolls
Mens Burgundy Contrast Toe Lace Up Plimsolls

See, plimsolls are just perfect for everyone; they’re practical, versatile and stylish.

Happy shopping!

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