Big Data (Infographic)

Data is created every day. The rise in technological advances has sparked the increase in data and how people are storing information. Through technologies that can store contact information or file storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, people are creating more and more data everyday. These advances have changed the way people live their lives and how information is being used. Businesses, schools, sports organizations, and even churches are storing big data. Through technological advances, these big data companies are able to store information easily and keep it organized for quick reference and simple recording methods. With the rise of big data have come these data storage tools. Check out this infographic that goes in depth on big data and just how it is being used today. Also read about some fun facts with data including how Barack Obama was able to win his campaign for President of the United States.

Adam Perry created this infographic on behalf of Elexio, a leader in church management software.

big data infographic

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