Friday Finds: iOS7, Downton Abbey and Hashtags

friday finds

So what’s been happening with you this week? Here’s the stuff that I’ve found throughout the week;


iOS7 is coming soon

Snapchat wants to clean up its adult image – never used snapchat but heard loads about it

Fashion & Beauty

Double Denim nails

Beauty tips for the busy mom


Downton Abbey is back on the 22nd of September and even the cast feel the pressure of expectation

So excited about this new 24 programme and I keep finding lots of newsy items and getting overly excited


Cooking or baking? Make sure you read the recipe

Snickers Cheesecake Pudding Cookies – nom!

How about pumpkin cheesecake dip?


Got a stuffy nose? Try this

The psychology of a fanboy

Want to get re-pinned more on Pinterest? This should help

Hashtag etiquette

See you all next week!

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