Friday Finds: More iOS7, promoted pins on pinterest and muffins


Another week gone and for many of us we have either been tied to our iPhones with the iOS7 update or perhaps Grand Theft Auto V has kept you entertained. If that’s not you then – what have you been doing?

No seriously, let us know. What wonders of the world exist beyond phones and gaming. I did manage to pull myself away from gaming and my iPhone to have a good read through my feedly blogs. Here’s some picks for the week;

Social Networking

I love twitter lists and yes you should have them

Made a twitter list but want to add yourself? Impossible as you will have tried before but look, it is possible. Yes! 

Google+ is a site bloggers should not underestimate for its value. You also shouldn’t make these mistakes on Google+

We all knew this was coming – Promoted pins on pinterest

Need some tips for your Facebook page for creating content? Here you go


iOS7? Here’s everything you need to know

You know when you see everyone else taking beautiful photos with their iPhone, remember the rule of thirds

Even though every phone update comes with some real gems. There are some we wish would go away. Here’s how to change some of iOS7’s biggest annoyances and how to get rid of them. 

Tips and Tricks for iOS7

Microsoft release IE11 preview


9 Essential things every blogger should do

Protect your wordpress site – very important!

The Ultimate Guide for Blog Post Promotion

Don’t make these blogging mistakes!


Triple Berry Muffins!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls… oh my!

This sounds yummy – Slow cooked sugar + roasted garlic pulled pot roast sandwiches

For no other reason than the title made me hungry – Sweet Onion Curry

M&M Sugar Cookie Bars

Autumn Pear and Walnut Breakfast Muffins


Definitely need to read and take note of this – How to care for a wooden cutting board

Maybe it’s the slightly darker mornings or the colder days but I am finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. This article helped me re-think my sleeping strategy

Have you written a kindle book for free? Need to promote it. Go!

Looking for a mirror? Here are 30!

My jewellery collection is a mess. It needs sorting, I need to look into some options and get my jewellery organised

With the kids now back at school you might be experiencing the homework problem – how do you get them to do it? Here are 8 ways to help. Lifesaver


Kate Moss will be in Playboy in the December issue

Have a good weekend 🙂

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2 Comments on Friday Finds: More iOS7, promoted pins on pinterest and muffins

  1. Loving the link to my site HOLLA! 9 Essential things bloggers should be doing. One of them would be enjoying your Friday night with a cocktail… going to happen for me tonight.

    And OMG yes, I have been playing around with this update on my phone and IPad. Jury is still out on if I am in love, but hey, change is always interesting right?

    Have a great freaking day.


    • It’s a great article 🙂

      Hope you’ve got used to the new update now, I admit this one is still taking a while to make me fall in love but I’m getting there 😉

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