The 5 Best Housewarming Gifts

One of the things I love about moving house is that soon after you’ve moved you get to throw a huge party for all your friends, family and, hopefully, some of your new neighbours. Its a great way to settle into your house and helps to create some good memories straight off the bat.

Also, I’m not going to lie, there’s a chance that people will bring you presents in the firm of housewarming gifts. I was always taught when visiting a person for the first time, or visiting a new house for the first time, it’s polite to bring a gift. That’s just one of those little pieces of custom that has been drummed into me, like never giving a purse as a present unless there’s a penny in it.

There are so many different things you can buy for a friend that has just moved house, but we all know that it depends on the friend in question, here are a few of my ideas.

For the Friend that has Everything

Wine. Buy them a good bottle of wine. Or maybe whiskey, it depends which way their tastes run. Either way its a nice gift and it can be saved for a later dinner party, or drunk right there and then to christen the new house. If you really feel like pushing the boat out, get them a bottle of bubbly and experience that wonderful ‘pop’ of a cork flying off. Be careful though, this happened at one of my mothers house parties and it took them a while to get the champagne stain out of the ceiling!

Let there be Light

One of my favourite things to receive at a housewarming is a scented candle, this may seem a little weird at first but there is a method to my possible madness. My mother is also a huge candle fan, one of her first gifts to me when I moved into my own flat was a kitchen candle that helps eliminate cooking smells from the room its placed in, brilliant for people who have an open plan kitchen and lounge – you don’t want your sofa to smell like frying bacon all the time. Candles are also a great gift for the next day, they’ll help chase the smell of booze away.

For Those with a Green Thumb

I’m one of the people that brings plants and flowers when I come to a housewarming party, my favourite choice is the Peace Lily. Now, I choose the Peace Lily as my gift for some pretty good reasons, number one: it can be pretty hard to kill off, it doesn’t do too well in direct sunlight and it only needs damp soil to survive, number  two is that it helps to clean the air, we all know plants pump out oxygen after taking in carbon dioxide, but peace lilies help purify the air too. I also think them to be quite pretty and elegant… and they will only grow to the size of the pot that you put them in so you won’t end up with a monster plant in a few years time.


Maybe you want something cute and a little quirky to give a friend, a small gift I received when I moved abroad were some wine corks, great for someone like me who can’t drink an entire bottle in a day. The best part is there is a plethora to choose from so you can find one that matches your friends personality to a T.

24 Hour Party People

As I was musing over this title out loud my husband popped up behind me and excitedly said “a juicer!” After giving it some thought I came to the conclusion he may be right, depending on the type of people you’re giving the gift to. We have a juicer that sits on the side, he uses it for helping make healthy shakes after his gym work outs and I tend to use it when we have people over and I get to play around making cocktails (delicious strawberry daiquiris are my speciality). It can be one of those items that you hold off buying yourself, but that can end up being useful and a lot of fun if you don’t mind experimenting with different flavours.

Norah Connor is a pro mover, she’s done removals to France, America and all around the UK. She’s now quite happily settled for the time being but is keeping her moving boxes just in case.

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