Chasing the Northern Lights Infographic

The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are one of the most beautiful and captivating sights you can behold on our planet. Occurring when solar winds react in our atmosphere, the result is a dazzling display of green, purple and red lights dancing across the sky. It’s no wonder that in ancient times people used to believe all kinds of myths and superstitions about them, such as the Northern Lights signified the outbreak of war.

Making the pilgrimmage to a Scandinavian country where your chance of seeing them is highest should be on everyone’s bucketlist. Thanks to its high latitude, Norway is a popular destination, with towns such as Tromso and Kautokeino offering many nights of solar activity each winter. Take a trip out of town on a clear night, and you might just witness the sight of your life.  

Want to know more about when and where to see the Northern Lights and what they actually are? Check out this fact-filled infographic from Visit Norway and

Image credit: Chasing the Northern Lights by Visit Norway and


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