Feng Shui And Your Lawn

Feng Shui is a type of design that is concerned with arranging objects in a way that allows the most optimal flow of good energy (or chi) throughout a space. While the practice of Feng Shui has been in use for literally millennia, people can fail to realize that its principles can also be applied outside the home or office. The only way to create true harmony is to unite your indoor living space with the outdoor landscape, so it’s important to utilize feng shui principles outside. Try these feng shui tips next time you landscape and get ready for good vibes to come your way.

  • Avoid placing plants with pointy, thorny or sharp leaves next to any walkways. This will make people uncomfortable even though they may not realize it. People will unknowingly cringe away from any harmful-looking plantlife.
  • Don’t place hardscapes up against your home, fence, or any other manmade vertical surface. The combination of hard and hard will trap chi and interrupt flow. Try placing a bed of flowers or groundcover in those areas instead.
  • Think about placing a fountain at the front of your home. One of the five elements of feng shui, water is believed to lead to good fortune and wealth. It is also a good medium for harnessing chi that may be trapped and moving it into a purposeful flow. Be sure to consider the type of fountain you get, though. Don’t let a fountain with a waterfall feature flow away from your home. This will siphon the chi away from you. Always try to position the waterfall or stream so that it’s moving toward your home.
  • If you don’t want to commit to a complicated water feature, you can easily stick to a simple bird bath.
  • Straight walkways are bad for channeling chi anywhere because chi flows best along a curve that imitates the soft curves found in nature. It’ll also help slow down chi, while a straight walkway will channel it straight into your front door. Try to implement a curving walkway if possible.
  • Keeping your shrubs, trees, flowers and potted plants trimmed and free of weeds will allow them to absorb chi. It’s a good idea to place colorful ones along your walkways since paths to your front door bring both good and bad chi.
  • Use pleasant colors to attract good chi and keep an inviting presence. Peaceful, beautiful and relaxing colors are both pleasing to the eye and will radiate positive chi. Cool tones like blues and purples are calming, while yellows and oranges will bring you goodwill.
  • Yard decorations should be used sparingly, but can bring a good amount of chi to you if placed in appropriate areas. Lawn ornaments like gazing balls are magnets for good chi, especially in reddish hues, which bring good fortune. Wind chimes will also bring plenty of good chi, as wind is one of the five elements of feng shui.
  • Trees aren’t to be planted too close to your house because they can block sunlight in front of your windows, not to mention their roots can suck away good chi.

Emily Kaltman writes for The Grass Outlet in Austin, Texas. She enjoys giving out good vibes.

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