Friday Finds: Candy Corn, muting retweets and Poirot


It has definitely got a bit colder this week and definitely in the last day or so. I even ventured out today with my big winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves! I don’t mind this weather, although I do seem to get cold very easily. Nothing beats comfy knitwear, blankets and fires – lovely!

So get yourself warm and cosy as I take you through this week’s Friday Finds, also be sure to drop any links in the comments for articles I should check out. Thanks!

Oh, by the way. This week it’s a bit food heavy so be warned you might want to eat everything!


Don’t know why I’ve always been a bit scared to make my own mayonnaise but it’s so simple!

Definitely going to make my own Candy Corn Trail Mix version this year. I’m thinking pretzels and white chocolate… mixed in with some healthy stuff of course!

How about Hot Cocoa Popcorn?

Maybe waffles? Pumpkin spice waffles with butternut bacon syrup

I’ve never made guacamole, this needs to change!

Easy peanut- free brittle

It’s definitely time for soups and here is one of my favourites – Roasted Carrot and Sweet Pepper

Who doesn’t like meringues? Not me, I love ’em.

Perfect for Halloween – Oreo Witch Hats!

Arts & Crafts

I love this DIY Business card holder – All of mine are in my messy drawer, along with takeout menus and old receipts. Oops!


SPOILERS! I am really looking forward to Arrow returning, especially after reading this review 

Poirot ends soon… watch the trailer

Also next week there is loads going on in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. Also Made in Chelsea returns and the TOWIE lot are back in Essex from Vegas. Yes I know I watch some shocking TV at times. No judgements!

Christmas (I know it’s early!)

But it’s important to know the last posting dates for your mail. Also make sure to investigate pricing as it can be cheaper to send packages in two smaller amounts than one large parcel.

Social Media

As I use tweetbot I had missed that this option existed in the native site – How to mute retweets from any user on twitter


Interesting debate – Which way should the toilet paper roll? 

I struggle with productivity at the best of times so I am not sure I would be suited to an open working environment, although these tips do help

How to capture your audience when you write 

That’s all from me. Have a great week!

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