Friday Finds: Snickerdoodle puddings, Downton Abbey and Life Hacks


Another week gone and we’re in October! This year has totally flown in hasn’t it? Now it’s all getting a bit chilly, the fire is lit, the candles are on, the slow cooker is back in use. I do love this time of year, there is something so snuggly about it.

So here’s what is in this week’s Friday Finds;


I have to say I am not finding iOS7 to be particularly draining on my iPhone or iPad battery. I saw this about how to boost your battery life and I wondered if others might be having problems.

On the same subject of battery life, can you overcharge your battery?

Some simple photo editing tricks

Are Samsung planning a flip design smartphone with two screens?

Social Media

Everyone seems to be talking about productivity and social media. Here are 6 social media productivity tools

Simple tips to maximise your pinterest account


I had no idea about this – Scream TV series

Major Downton Abbey twist? Eeek. Not ready.

Strictly is on this weekend and we’ll see the first couple leave. Here is what some of the couples will be dancing to (this gets copied from the BBC site which is rubbish – Natalie and Artem are missing!)

I have found Hollyoaks to be particularly gripping recently. Hollyoaks Later is back with lots of the old cast and Danny Dyer. Awesome!


White Chocolate M&M Snickerdoodle Pudding – yum!

Life Hacks

Because everyone likes a good life hack, try this 5 minute hack to make your week

16 life hacks for the kitchen


Are you optimising your blog posts?

6 simple ways to get more blog subscribers

Do you know how to build relationships through blogging? Here’s how

So there you have it. Another week gone. Have a fab weekend and I’ll see you all next week

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2 Comments on Friday Finds: Snickerdoodle puddings, Downton Abbey and Life Hacks

  1. Hey Sarah,

    I’m so sorry I’m just now stopping by but thank you so much for sharing my post here.

    What great finds in the different categories too. I know that I actually love posts like this because not only can I learn more but I get to meet some different bloggers that I may not have run across yet.

    Thanks so much and have a splendid week.


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