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The bustle of commuters, colourful train routes, and access to the city centre; it has to be the London Underground. This celebrated transport system has been around for 150 years, and is an iconic feature of the UK’s capital.

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To experience the underground in London like a local, taking the tube in rush hour can be an experience for many! For those looking for a more relaxed weekend break in London, taking the tube to see the city sights is best during off-peak times and in the evening after the end of the commuter rush-hour.

Most visitors to London find that the tube is the quickest and the most efficient way to move around such a large city. Popular attractions include the Tate Modern, which is nearby Southwark Tube Station, and Big Ben, close to Westminster Tube Station. However, remember that the distance between most city centre tube stops is not large, and London life is best viewed from above ground. When you have the time, try walking in between stops, it might not be as far as it looks on the map!

If using the London Underground is not enough, and you would like to learn more about it, go to the London Transport Museum, which has different attractions and events which fascinate even frequent users of the Tube. One particularly remarkable fact is that the Central Line was converted into a fighter aircraft factory during the Second World War. The Underground has many abandoned stations, occasionally spoken of as ghost stations, which you can learn about at the museum. One example of this is the Aldwych tube station, which was used as a filming location in the film V for Vendetta.

london tourism

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The convenient subterranean railways mean that London is easily navigable with one ticket that grants transport access throughout a whole city. Landmarks such as the London Eye (near Waterloo Tube Station) and Buckingham Palace (near Victoria Tube Station) can all be visited using the London Underground. For visitors to London, the tube means that an (often expensive) hotel in the centre is not always necessary, as the underground runs until after midnight and can take visitors back to any hotel accessible by tube.

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