Top 4 GTA V YouTubers To Watch

Grand Theft Auto V has just been released and it’s already changing the landscape of the gaming world. From its advanced graphics, leaps and bounds above even the last game, to its movie quality story and rich, multi-dimensional characters, GTA V has the capability to significantly alter how games are made from this point forward. It’s almost undoubted that game studios are already looking for ways to replicate the successes of GTA V, dissect what works and try to fit it into their current projects.

And why shouldn’t they? Grand Theft Auto V made $800,000,000 on its first day of release alone. Within three days, it had already topped $1 billion, and experts have argued that if there were a PC version, it would have been closer to an opening day of $1.3 billion. This game continues to break records for sales and has received some of the most consistently good reviews of any triple A game in quite some time. Studios that aren’t looking to replicate what works about this game are missing out.

Because the game is entertaining, exciting, and full of content, a number of YouTube users have found different ways to approach looking at it, from its graphics to its Easter eggs. These are the top 4 GTA V YouTubers that you should be following.

4. The Angry Joe Show – While Angry Joe is a general video game reviewer, watching his review of Grand Theft Auto V is an absolute must. Not only is it entertaining, it is also insightful, giving a detailed look at what does and does not work in the game, turning a fun and critical eye at its successes and its flaws. He also touches on the controversy surrounding the GTA series.

3. Kyr Sp33dy’s GTA V Funny Moments Series – It’s just amazing to see the sheer hilarity that can happen in this game. Whether it’s in story mode or multiplayer races, Kyr Sp33dy and his friends don’t fail to amuse with some of the silly glitches and actions that you can take in game.

2. Grand Theft Auto V in Detail – YouTube user GermanScientistTV has put together a great series just exploring the tiny details that make this game so incredible. One of the things that reviewers haven’t been able to stop talking about is how incredibly detailed the graphics are, in some cases bumping up against the line of photo realism. This series takes the time to explore the tiny aspects that we may see, but not consciously notice.

And the number one GTA V YouTuber that you should follow:

1. Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters – Like with any popular game going back to the Atari 2600, there is a lot of bad information floating around about what can and can’t be done in GTA V. DefendTheHouse tries them out in game to see what is true and what is false. With a game as large as GTA V, this series should go on for a very long time.

There are still plenty of other people who have done everything from walkthroughs and Let’s Plays of the game to detailed analysis of the characters and the literary elements, to the best gaming accessories, so take a look around YouTube and learn to appreciate everything that GTA V has to offer.

Brad Pearson is a self-proclaimed video-game junkie and loves writing tips, reviews, and guides when he is not consumed in his favorite video game. Brad recommends visiting for gaming news, reviews, tips and much more. 

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