Top 5 Historical Wedding Venues In UK

Selecting your wedding venue is not an easy thing to do. There are often so many different places to choose from that you have to reserve your venue very early to guarantee you get what you want.

If you are looking for inspiration here are five of the best historical wedding venues in UK.

1. Hampton Court House, Surrey

Hampton Court, Surrey,

This Georgian mansion is a stunning place to get married if you can afford it. It offers amazing gardens and you can get full service from the venue even to cater you with a jazz pianist.

It is on the higher end of the price scale and you do have to be on time to book it for the day you want but the stunning historical views do attract many.

So if you are looking for something really spectacular you should give the Hampton Court House in Surrey a go.

2. Eltham Palace, South London

The capital city of London has a lot of lovely historical wedding venues but one of the best ones is the Eltham Palace in South London. This is because you can get a wide range of weddings organised at the venue to suit more intimate weddings as well as bigger ceremonies.

Hitched also notes that Eltham Palace has a lovely mix of art deco and medieval art, making it an interesting location to hold your weddings at. The various different gardens also provide a lot of beautiful photographic locations to wander about.

3. Augill Castle, Cumbria

One of the best castle wedding venues is located in Cumbria and it is the Augill Castle. This amazing castle is set near some very deep and romantic forests and has a huge green area to hold an outside reception if the weather is good.

The great thing is that you don’t need to choose from a set wedding plan but can choose your own music and food giving you a unique feel for your wedding. You can even hire the whole castle for yourself if you want to.

4. Kensington Palace, London

Kensington Palace, London

The list of the most historical wedding venues has to include Kensington Palace in London. This royal location will surely provide a lot of high-end glamour to your wedding and is a must see if you are looking for something historical.

It comes with a personal wedding planner to make your job a lot easier, allowing you to relax on your big day. With the venue set you only need to worry about the rings and a dress.

For historical and glamorous weddings you should check out Men’s Tungsten Online wedding rings to add some sparkle to your wedding.

5. Castle Grove Masonic Hall, Leeds

A really nice affordable option for a historical wedding venue is the Castle Grove Masonic Hall in Leeds. It provides a lovely historical feeling with very intimate reception areas to ensure your wedding is a success.

There is exceptional staff ready to help you out and you can even get the flowers ready for your big day. It is really a must see if you are looking for something affordable and elegant.

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Julia loves organising parties and is always scouting for great locations to hold events when she is travelling. She is a hopeless romantic at heart and always tears up at weddings. When she isn’t thinking about weddings and parties she loves to watch historical dramas.

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