Winter styling: top trends


This season, it’s all about channelling your inner military miss! Camo has been spotted on the most fashion forward celebrities recently, so we did everything in our power (bar joining the army) to get our hands on some military-esc garments. Here’s the top three picks.

  1. The dress

Shirt dresses don’t get enough recognition despite the fact they look great dressed up or down and can be worn in a variety of ways. This long sleeved Pepe Jeans dress available at ASOS is spot on for relaxed military styling.

2. The military jacket

There is so much camo doing the rounds on coats and jackets at the moment it’s hard to pick just one. A strong contender winning the fight for a place in our wardrobe is the gorgeous Carhartt X’ Chore Coat. It’s water repellent and has insulating lining so it’s perfect for those freezing nights.

3. The shoes

Nike are the brand to have on your feet these days, and the Roshe Run Trainers are a sell-out design sported on the feet of celebrities and fashionistas alike. Available from Office, the camo pair are real attention grabbers, sure to make fellow sergeants green with envy.

British Heritage

Thanks to Wills and Kate, Alexa Chung and fellow waxed jacket wearers, it’s cool to embrace being British and rock a more classic style. Think country jackets, riding and wellington boots and tailored tweed jackets. Divine. Here’s the top three picks…

  1. The boots

What’s the most British brand that comes to mind when you think of heritage styling? Barbour? Ours too, therefore we had to include the short tartan wellington boot in this list. Great for when the rains are really heavy.

2. The coated jacket

Press stud fastenings, country-esc khaki and quilted detail make this Le Breve Viola jacket coat available from Tucci the perfect daytime staple. It’s fully lined so you know it will keep the chills at bay and has a cute contrast corduroy collar. A preppy take on military styling if we ever saw one.

3. The (out of reach for most) bag

Mulberry is a British brand steeped in high-fashion tradition. No list of classic design collections are complete without it, and whilst we can’t quite afford the price tag of their ostrich leather, there is no shame in lusting over one now is there?

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