App Review – Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! HD (Zx3)

Zombie zombie zombie zx3

Everybody loves zombies don’t they? Ok, not everyone. But in this iPad game Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! (Zx3) you get to match zombies into chains and clear the board. There are lots of extras like bulldozers, tanks and ninjas!

So you tap three identical zombies and you create a triangle and your team (there are three of them) will blast with their guns all those in that triangle. Keep an eye on your team because if those zombies get too close to them they will be eaten! You can still continue through the level but keep your other team members safe.

You can choose to play through the 100 levels of gameplay through to safety or there is a survival mode where you can go for the highest score. There are loads of power ups to help you get through either the gameplay mode or the survival mode.

The game is pretty easy to follow and has a good tutorial to start you off. I whizzed through the first few levels but they do gradually get harder. Also be careful that you might have zombies getting near to your team but no matches to be made. As well as being a fun game it sure does make you think too. Quite an addictive game to pass the time

Watch the Official Trailer Here;

I really enjoyed this game especially the way that the zombies waddle towards you – I thought that was funny. The levels do get more and more difficult but it is a very addictive game and great to pass the time away. 5/5

You can download it here;!-zombie!-zombie!-hd/id578323099?ls=1&mt=8

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