Friday Finds: Vanity URL’s for Google Plus, LinkedIn tips, Fluffernutters and more…



As everyone has been saying today on social media sites “It’s November – how did that happen?” so yeah, how did that happen?

I hope you all had a very safe Halloween and also candyfull (not a word) one. It’s soon to be Bonfire Night in the UK and many organised events will be taking place over this weekend (weather permitting). If you are having your own bonfire night at home or going to an organised event make sure that you stay safe.

So, Friday Finds this week;


My lists always start with food. Funny that… I’ll be doing some baking this weekend I think but why do we use large eggs in baking? Here’s the answer

Easy homemade mallo cups. She had me at easy!

There will be so many pumpkin recipes this month. Pinterest is already ready to burst from them. So how about a pumpkin pie with an oreo crust? Yes

Anything with bacon in it is a yes from me. How about toasted bacon fluffernutters? Ok then.

Peanut Butter Crunch Rice Krispies Treats

Make your own vanilla extract

Social Media

10 tips to boost your LinkedIn productivity

Are your social media channels optimized?

Annoyed by some of the Facebook Apps appearing on your news feed? Here’s how to block them

Twitter apps have a new image preview setting, here is how to disable it

Some useful tips for social media marketers and the Google Hummingbird update

If you think you are doing Google+ badly, is it worse than these brands?

Photo attribution link up between Getty Images and Pinterest

Get your Google+ vanity URL!


I don’t have problems with a slow internet connection any more but I used to. Here are some tips for what might be causing it to be slow and what you can do to improve it.

Disabling the control center in iOS7 from appearing in apps. Yay!


Looking for a blog template? This list should help you


Whilst aimed at fashion bloggers, there are still photography tips for everyone here

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