3 Christmas present ideas you won’t find on the high street

There’s nothing more frustrating than Christmas shopping. When you have a lot of presents to buy it’s easy to lose inspiration and end up getting cheap tat that nobody will never need or use. If you see yourself trolling around the high street searching on a whim, and hoping that the perfect gifts will just jump out at you, then consider taking a more imaginative approach.

Humorous Cushions from BoConcept

There’s always going to be that one person on your Christmas list – the Scrooge that will never be happy. If you ever find yourself lost for ideas, something novelty is always a safe otpion. BoConcept has plenty of unique gifts to choose from regardless of your budget.

Novelty cushions could be perfect if you’re after something practical, yet humorous. BoConcept stocks cushions in a vast range of strange materials, bold colour combinations and weird shapes. For example, if you know a dog lover you could buy them a dog shaped cushion; or if you’re searching for the joker of the pack, one of the pun cushions may be appropriate.

Homemade Crafts from Love Local

If you’re after a one-of-a-kind gift that’s been made in the South West, then Love Local provides a selection of authentic handmade products including, toiletries, clothing, crafts, furniture and food.

For something truly unique, Love Local also stocks artwork from local artists. When you visit their website, just click on the county for a list of paintings, sculptures and drawings from artists in that area. If you find something you want to buy, don’t wait around, otherwise you could miss your opportunity.

Personalized Hamper from Poppinghole Farm

Hampers make excellent gifts for virtually any occasion. Although you can buy hampers in department stores and supermarkets, nothing beats making your own from old fashioned organic produce.

Poppinghole Farm hampers are classy and sophisticated. They provide everything from UK caught smoked salmon to homemade chutney. You can even create personalized baskets to ensure the receiver won’t be left with any filler that they don’t like. Otherwise, you could opt for one of their pre-made gift hampers designed specifically for the holiday season.

Shopping online for Christmas gifts can not only be more convenient, but will broaden your horizons and give you more options to choose from. If you want to buy gifts that are personal and unique, then the high street just won’t cut it.

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