8 Things To Remember When Creating Your Wedding Invitations

Start as you mean to go on. With wedding invitations, you can set the tone for the big day, so it’s a good idea to get them right. If you’re having your ceremony abroad, you’ll want your design to reflect that (as well as any other themes). So, it’s time to get creative! Whether you’re tying the knot in Bora Bora or China, here’s what to consider, when brainstorming invitation ideas.


Although it’s usually prudent to send your invitations out early, this is even more important, if you’re having a destination wedding. Your guests will need to know all the details in advance, so they can book time off work and make travel arrangements. Get on it!

Facebook Stalk

We’re sure you both know the names of the friends and family members that you’re inviting, but perhaps the spelling eludes you. Little do you know that you’ve sent out plenty of cringeworthy Christmas and birthday cards with wrongly spelled names. Get it right this time and Facebook stalk your relatives for the proper spelling. Failing that, ring up your mum and ask her.

Wise Words

Choosing the design for your wedding invitations is only half the battle, when you need to get the wording just-so. You can choose to be traditionally formal and find simple templates online of “we request the pleasure of the company of (enter name here)…” Alternatively, you can let your personality shine through and jazz things up a little!

Get Inspired

If you don’t know what you want, then get inspired online.Pinterest is full of exciting and individual designs, so take a look and start jotting down what you want from your destination wedding invitations. You could also take a look at ceremony venues for ideas – Knowsley Hall is a great example.

Pre-made or DIY?

With the average wedding costing a whopping £21,000, you might want to save costs wherever possible. Making your own wedding invitations can be fun – although time-consuming – so if you can, then that’s fantastic. Obviously, if time’s an issue, you can approach a wedding invitation company.

Choosing Font

There are all sorts of fonts to choose from, and although elaborate may be your thing, make sure that the writing is legible. Ask some friends to help you sample fonts and ask for their opinion on style and readability. You want Granny to be able to make out the letters perfectly.


Check the wedding invitations for errors. If English isn’t your strong point, ask a literary-savvy family member or friend to spot any spelling and grammar mistakes before the wedding invitations go to print.

Pricing and Weight

Keep in mind what sort of budget you have. When money is a problem, it’s best if you keep your invitations simple. As soon as the invitations become bulky or too large for a letterbox, you run into problems. Too wide, and many guests may not receive their invitations (or will have to rush to the post office to collect them). Too heavy, and you’ll have to pay through the nose in postal charges.

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