Christmas gift ideas for your pet

As Christmas time approaches, many pets will want to involve themselves in the Christmas cheer – up to and including the act of skulking around the kitchen when Christmas dinner is cooking! Your dog is part of the family and it’s only right to buy him or her a Christmas treat that extends beyond playing with wrapping paper after Christmas morning is all said and done.

Here’s a few Christmas gift ideas that will get tails wagging this winter.

Christmas-themed dog treats

A great way to get your canine involved in Christmas dinner – without serving up roast potatoes and pigs in blankets in a dog bowl – is to bake your dog some homemade Christmas biscuits. With some eggs, oats, flour, peanut butter and nutmeg, you can make a tasty bone-shaped biscuit for your dog to munch on throughout the day.

If you’re stuck on time, it’s just as easy to purchase some delicious dog treats, For instance, turkey and cranberry shortbread biscuits can be a delight for dogs this winter while reindeer-shaped cookies could end up being a real treat for your pooch.

The Christmas look

The festive season represents an opportune time to give your dog a Christmas-y appearance, too. It’s also a great way to involve your dog in the festivities as Christmas couture tends to be well-versed in households up and down the country. For instance, red antlers attached to a green headband represents a classic piece of gear for a dog to wear during the holiday season and is a great stocking filler.

Another great look for a dog (that doubles up as an important way to keep your dog safe during winter) is aSpotLit LED light. The lightweight device – which attaches to your dog’s collar – glows an ambient red, turning your pooch into a makeshift Rudolph for the month. Furthermore, it’s a great way to keep your dog identifiable as the night closes in; ideal for those pre-dawn or after-dark winter walks.

Christmas toys

Of course, no doggy Christmas is complete without a few toys to chew! No doubt dog owners will find a variety of Christmas-themed tug toys as they shop for gifts for their pooch. Turkeys, ducks, reindeers are many more festive animals tend to be given the tug toy treatment and some toys even make realistic animal noises as owners and dogs play a friendly game of tug of war.

You don’t have to just buy a Christmas-themed present, either. An everyday present like a dog frisbee or a new squishy ball to play with can make the ideal gift.

Amongst the video games consoles, new clothes and socks that are exchanged on December 25th, it’s important to remember that your pooch needs a gift to unwrap (read: chew until the paper is gone) too. There are so many Christmas gifts for your dog on the market and, for the creative, it’s pretty simple to bake a few doggy treats in the run up to the big day. Get them involved!

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Written by Ash Curtis on behalf of Muddy Paws one of the UK’s biggest pet retailers.

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