Learn How to Arrange a Dream Wedding on a Budget

Learn How to Arrange a Dream Wedding on a Budget

A recent survey has stated that couples tied the knot in 2012 splurged around £25,000 on average on their weddings. Does it mean that you have to spend the same or more for your wedding? Of course not! You can save the expense with do-it-yourself projects, unusual venues, and realistic food-options. Instead of hiring a wedding limo or renowned venue, follow the budget-friendly ideas that ensure you the wedding of your dreams on a budget. After all, no one wants to start his or her love life in debt.

Set a Wedding Budget and Stick to It

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or planning it for your daughter, you need to create a budget plan before you do anything. While preparing the budget, make sure you include the venue rentals, food and beverages, decorations, and other important things. Once you have made a rough calculation, you can, based on your budget, limit or exceed the number of guests for the wedding. Moreover, if you stick to your estimate, you shouldn’t get issues with overspending.

Be Creative, but Don’t Overdo

A little creativity will not only help you to make your wedding perfect, but also to save money on the wedding essentials. So, it’s time to invest your talent and add something special to the wedding venue. For example, buy some martini or champagne glasses, use a white, simple cloth for the tables, and decorate a bunch of lilies on every table. To be creative, the key is to pick wisely and consider these things as a special accent to decorate your wedding venue.

Venues with Complementary Suite

Instead of hiring a hall or church, why not opt for a wedding venue that offers the bride and groom a complementary suite on the wedding evening. Once you’ve chosen a venue, don’t forget to ask for discounts. A fundamental truth of discount is – if you don’t ask, you won’t get! If you’re in the initial phases of planning, then you can take a look at thecitycollection.org that lists a host of wedding venues. Besides, you can search for deals online to lower the cost of your wedding.

Cut Your Food Budget

No doubt, ala carte catering is what your guests expect on weddings. But, it doesn’t you need to spend thousands of pounds on food. You can prefer buffet catering that will help you to save a great deal of money by cutting the cost of wait-staff. The best way to lower the cost of your food is to have a morning wedding. All you need to serve is breakfast, which tends to be less expensive as compared to lunch or dinner.

Hire a Wedding Rock Band

It is true that a wedding celebration would be incomplete without a brilliant rock band. So, instead of hiring a DJ or setting up the loud music systems, why not look for a new, energetic, and talented band. There are unsigned bands that are always ready to play your favourite music, without breaking your bank. Rock bands, 80s tribute wedding bands, and pop indie bands are some of the options that can choose from.

You don’t need to go over your big day budget, as these money-saving wedding ideas will help you to add elegance and charm to your wedding.

Author’s Bio: Harvey is the managing director of an event management company. His unwavering passion towards event planning helps him to pen down useful party tips and ideas.

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