Top 5 Free Fitness Apps for the iPhone

Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, as different people have different ways of doing exercise and that will suit to their personality that’s why application development companies are taking interest in developing different fitness app so, that one can easily find a fitness app that will suit best to their requirements.

This is the most fascinating development in the mobile app market as now we are taking help of our phone to be in perfect shape and healthy. There are various apps, which will guide you through total workout sessions, give tips on healthy food, yoga and even keep records of health related statistics while doing workouts.

1. Workout Trainer

By Skimble

This app is best to get in perfect shape as, there are unlimited free workout sessions and videos that train you fulfil your fitness objectives. Whether you are doing heavy workout in the gym or soft workout at home, the workout trainer has multimedia videos to fulfil the needs of every type of fitness freak. Every exercise in this app is shown step by step methods that are accompanied by photographs; the user will get the most out of these videos. Try all these videos by using headphone for better concentration and understanding of every step of exercises.

2. Fitocracy – Daily Workout and Fitness Routine Tracker

By Fitocracy, Inc.

Fitocracy helps you in motivating and succeeding at fitness and health level. This app has been developed in such a way that it presents exercises in a very funnyway, while tracking workout sessions, earning points, and unlocking achievements by clearing out challenges. This app has really changed the life of many by giving them gift of fitness. This is not like some boring fitness app that pushes you to do exercises; instead it has a very interactive way to keep fitness by following a proper routine of workouts and exercises.

3. Nike Training Club

By Nike, Inc.

Nike Training Club can be your own personal trainer at any time irrespective of place. This app will help you in getting leaner, toned and strong physics with the help of more than 100 differently customized workout sessions. This app has instructions with full audio support to get the perfect and toned body like athletes. It can also helpyou in shredding extra fats and feeling fit and healthy.

4. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


Losing weight with MyFitnessPal is really fun; it is the greatest app with easy to use features for counting calorie. It provides information regarding the nutritious and healthy diet, in addition to this it has various light and easy to do exercise. The other most important feature of this app is that it lets users choose their own food and customized exercise routine.

5. Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

By FitNow

Lose It! is a great fitness app that helps in maintaining your fitness by setting a daily calorie intake and also helps in tracking food and exercises for a healthy life. It is easy to use and hassle free app available in the market that manages your weight loss schedule and methods. This app customizes and creates a personal weight loss plan for every individual by filling up some information regarding their health and other related information.

So, above are few apps which are developed mainly to keep people healthy by easy to use apps features and workout videos that train people by comprehensive step by step guides. Some of them also count calorie intake and help user in selecting healthy food.

Author Bio: Alex is freelance content writer and blogger. He loves to write about latest happening in mobile technology world. He recommends Prismetric for custom mobile app development.

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