5 Apps To Help You Create Better Habits

Changing your lifestyle for the better isn’t very easy. There are so many bad habits we pick along the way and shaking them off isn’t always that easy. Luckily, technology can help you create better habits for yourself.

Here are five simple apps that are useful to check out if you want to improve your life.


1. Way Of Life

This app is perhaps the ultimate help towards creating better habits. It offers a free version for the iPhone but you are limited with your choices and should definitely consider purchasing the full app.

You enter your data to the app for several days concerning your habits. At the end the Way of Life app creates a nice little graphic for you to see how you have performed so far. It is quite a handy app to realise that new habits take a while to sink in.

2. Lift

If you aren’t into entering data, you might prefer this app instead. Lift uses community support in order for you to create better habits. There are plenty of groups to join and record your progress in a big community.

It can really help you by positive reinforcement and the app itself is rather fun and simple to use. The app is available for both Android and iPhone operating systems. It is also completely free to use.

3. Carrot

This app is actually a really fun game that can help you create better habits for yourself. It works by providing you with little rewards every time you complete a task from the To Do list that you created.

The app also gets angry if you don’t achieve your goals and starts harassing you. It is quite a good app for anyone with a very competitive nature. It is only available for the iOS devices and it isn’t free to use.

4. Expereal

Changing your habits isn’t all about changing behaviour. It is also important to understand what are the things in life that you really enjoy doing. Sometimes you can clearly realise that there are bad habits that don’t make you feel very good.

Expereal is a stunningly beautiful app to help you find the moments you are the happiest. You tell it about your mood in a specific way and it provides you with charts on the times and locations that you are the happiest in. The app is available on iOS only but it is free to use.

5. Habit List

The final app on this list is nice because of the flexible scheduling it offers. You can schedule your habits in a way that fits your timeline and therefore it makes it easier to create a realistic schedule for your habits. The Habit List is available for iOS devices and it is free to use.

The above five apps are really nice tools for breaking your bad habits and creating new ones. You should also check out articles by Zen Habits for some nice real life tips towards a healthier lifestyle. It will take some time but you’ll get there eventually.

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Wendy Moore is really into learning about app development and she is always after the latest cross-platform apps. She is also passionate about healthy living and loves to try out new vegetarian recipes.

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