4 Focuses When Developing a Mobile Site

Whether you like it or not, the Internet is going mobile. More and more people are using smartphones, which means more and more people are accessing the web through mobile screens that are much smaller than standard computers. If you run a business, it is vital that you have a website that offers a mobile user experience so that they can access it from their smart phone devices. But before you go and just start designing your site, it is important that you consider your mobile strategy. Here are four focuses to keep in mind when developing a mobile site.

Define Your Objectives

The first part of your plan should be what exactly it is that you are looking to accomplish with your mobile site. This will likely vary depending on what type of business you operate. For example, an ecommerce mobile site is likely to be much more different than a blog or news outlet. As you begin to look at the content you offer with your desktop version, consider how you want that same content to be displayed on a mobile device. This will help users navigate through your site and be able to use it more easily.

Don’t Over-Complicate

Sure, there are some mobile phones out there that offer huge 5.5-inch screens and give users plenty of room to browse the web. However, keep in mind that isn’t the case for all phones and you’ll want to assure that your mobile site is accessible by all users, no matter the size of their phone. The best way to do this is to not over complicate things and keep your site as simple as possible. Typically this means using single-column layouts and collapsible menus. This will afford you the opportunity to put more on your site that is interactive, and let the user navigate through the mobile version as they choose.

Allow For Feedback

Phones and mobile technology are changing on a regular basis. That means that you should always be open to hear what others are saying about your mobile site and how you could potential change things so it’s a better user experience for people. You can then talk to a mobile app developer to change your site and make it even more enjoyable for your users. Don’t get caught up in failing to listen to what others are saying, or you’ll likely notice a drop-off in customers who want to interact with your site.

Keep Youth in Mind

No matter what type of content you offer, be sure that you keep younger viewers in mind. The fact of the matter is that it is younger viewers that will likely be accessing your sites mobile version. Not to say that older generations wont as well, but using smartphones as primary devices for web surfing is something that younger generations do on a regular basis. You should assure that your mobile user experience is aimed at these younger viewers and that it is easy and enjoyable for them to use.

Creating a mobile site can be very beneficial to your company. The amount of traffic that accesses the web through smartphones only continues to increase, which opens up more opportunities for mobile websites and access. Be sure to consider the tips here as you focus in on how to build your mobile site.

 Spencer Frandsen is a digital marketing professional writing on behalf of mobile app developers, Perpetuating 

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