The Fine Art Of Water Cooler Etiquette



While the office water cooler is the centre of office socialising, it is also the source of the office supply of cool, refreshing water which we can sometimes take for granted.  We can start a list about the do’s and don’ts of water cooler etiquette with regard to cooler conversation (Don’t remind people of their salary…), but the list could go on. Instead, we will discuss proper water cooler etiquette, otherwise known as the “workers’ manifesto” and how to avoid being the office weirdo while ensuring that everyone can take advantage of an excellent flow of chilled water.

Know the queue system

We’ve all been there, standing by the cooler with a cup in hand, you have a deadline for midday and you are wasting precious minutes waiting for water, while the office flirt is chatting up the new intern. Not only is it the most uncomfortable thing to watch as you feel sorry for the poor girl as she squirms on the spot, avoiding the animal-like gaze from the hot shot, but it is preventing you from getting some water and now there is a queue building up behind you. You feel awkward trying to slip between them, but a simple “Excuse me, do you mind if I grab some water” will give the intern a chance to dart away and for you to grab some water. If you are Mr Hot Shot, there are plenty of other places in the office to chat.

Be responsible for the jug

It is 3pm, you’ve spent the last two hours working on a report that will make or break your career, and you have a headache. Nothing is worse than approaching the cooler and finding that it has run out of water. Now it is your responsibility to waste time setting up a new jug. Next time, make a point to refill it if you are the last one to use it, it might inspire your fellow co-workers to do the same.

A clean water cooler equals a happy office worker

Don’t be that person who lets their own water bottle get too close and personal with the water nozzle, you might as well put your lips to the spout and drink straight from it. The spill tray should also be kept clean and free from the remains of someone’s coffee, don’t turn it into a dumping ground just because you are too lazy to clean your mugs out.

With these simple tips, your office water cooler will be free from mess and frustration.

Sometimes, the bottle can be too heavy to lift, especially for the dainty office workers.  If you find that it is becoming too much of a hassle to change, you should consider investing in a plumbed water cooler. Not only will this save you space and money, but most models come with an excellent water filtration system which is more beneficial than bottled water. There is a range of plumbed water specialists who deal with plumbed water coolers and can provide you with excellent and efficient models.

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By Harry Price

Harry Prices lives by the sea with his 3 dogs.  He draws his inspiration for writing from the shunning costal scenery.

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