Why Big Companies Still Use Printed Merchandise

Although many companies are shifting their focus towards digital marketing, there are still those that believe using printed media as a marketing method is the best way to go. Printed media is one of the best tools that any companies can use in order to gain the much needed attention in their field of work, and this is especially true in the case of local companies.

Gaining Exposure

With the help of printed merchandise companies, companies have the opportunity to get exposure without having to pay for each view. Printed merchandise is very easy to create and it can easily be handed to the targeted potential customers easily. If you want to gain the best possible exposure for your company without having to break the bank in the process, then using printed merchandise is definitely the best way to achieve such a goal.

Your company needs promotion, of course, but you don’t have to pay a lot for it, and this is where the efficiency of such a promotional method comes into play.

Although the digital marketing media of paid search is highly measurable the act of somebody searching for your product is usually the last tough point in a long line of steps. This is why it is important to focus on every step of the buying process. This can be done by using offline marketing and branding. The part that printed merchandise can play in your branding should not be underestimated.

High Retention Rate

Thanks to printed merchandise you not only have the ability to promote your business the right way, but you will also have the opportunity to retain customer interest for a long time. This happens because printed merchandise is not forced on the customer and can be a useful product that remains in the house and life of your potential customer, and as such it will act as a constant reminder of those services and products that the business offers.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Moreover, the printed merchandise also provides advantages such as public relations development, and it can even help you when it comes to rewarding your loyal customer base the right way. Thanks to a small, simplistic branded gift you will gain astonishing results that you will appreciate for sure.

Coca Cola branding success

Even the biggest brands still look to printed merchandise to promote their business. Coca Cola is one of the World’s most recognisable brands however work is still done to promote the brand. One of the standout promotions over the last couple years involved bottle being printed with names. A simple promotion that demonstrated that even in an era of incredible technology people still want something personal they can touch.

All in all, printed merchandise still manages to provide some of the best possible results in both the generation of leads and sales alike, which makes big companies a great supported of such methods. Promoting your brand is very efficient with printed merchandise, and the low costs implied, alongside the great results, make this promotional method one of the best ones out there!

Why Big Companies Still Use Printed Merchandise as Part of their Marketing Mix from Daisy Burgess branding specialist for Stupid Tuesday Promotional Clothing

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