The 12″ Green Earth Wok by Ozeri Review

There was nothing wrong with my wok really. Except it was over 20 years old, going a little rusty and the handle was a bit wobbly.

No, nothing wrong with it at all.

When I was asked to review the Ozeri 12″ Green Earth Wok I was excited. I love stir fried food and this one intrigued me more because it promised that food would cook even quicker. That’s not really an issue with wok food but I do like to make sure that any meat is cooked thoroughly, especially chicken.

The wok is very sturdy but not too heavy. I also loved the green… even though it doesn’t go with anything else in my kitchen. Never mind, I love it! 

There is a very thorough guide for how to use the wok, mainly to help prolong its life. Also provides tips for how to wash it and how to store it too. It’s my new favourite thing in the kitchen, besides the food!

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