5 Easy Steps to Prevent Having Irritated Chapped Lips

If we truly analyze the anatomy of our facial features and their unique functions, a distinct irony can be noticed. Majority of our face is protected by relatively thick layers of skin, the exception being the lips. Such an irony that the feature that comes into contact with external elements the most is provided with the least amount of protection.

The lips are naturally the driest part of the face due to the fact that it is only protected by a thin layer of skin. This negligible layer of skin does not possess the capabilities to provide adequate protection and moisturize the lips. This conundrum means that on an individual level, all of us have to assist our own bodies and provide external assistance to keep our lips hydrated and smooth.

Causes of Chapped / Irritated Lips

For people who are more susceptible to chapped lips, here is a brief lifestyle news. A common mistake that many people make is to lick their lips repeated whenever their lips feel dry. While this subconscious habit does help to moisturize the lips for couple of seconds, it inadvertently causes more harm than good.

As the tongue facilitates itself between the mouth to the lips, the transfer of saliva compromises the thin layer of skin on the lips. As a result, the lips suffers more damage and this vicious cycle continues with cracked and sore lips the final product.

On the other hand, lip products can also have detrimental effects on the lip condition. Lip plumper is one of the main culprits in this section. Any lip plumper that contains menthol, ginger, mint oils or capsicum are known to cause irritation to the lips. Ultimately, people should be aware that the main purpose of a lip plumber is to make the lips appear fuller with more volume. The product achieves this by irritating the lips, causing it to swell.

Other causes of chapped or irritated lips include:

• Prolonged use of matte lipsticks

• Niacin deficiency

• Lack of vitamin B2 or B6

• Overload of vitamin A

• Yeast infections


The most effective way of treating dry chapped lips is to apply lip balm. The process of curing chapped or irritated lips is a long and winding road. With consistent and disciplined application of lip balm, it ensures that the lips are constantly protected and hydrated. To experience better results, it might be more prudent to use a gentle lip scrub to remove any dead skin and other impurities before applying lip balm.

Tips to Prevent Chapped or Irritated Lips

If we firmly subscribe to the notion of “Prevention is better than cure”, it would be necessary to be knowledgeable with the following nifty tricks in warding off chapped lips.

1. Stop Licking!

The most effective way to tackle the issue of chapped lips is to eliminate the main source of damage. By consciously making mental notes to not stop licking, it prevents the lips from suffering more harm and effectively ward off chapped lips.

2. Drink Beyond the Point of Thirst

A constant intake of water is essential towards re-hydrating skin cells around the body. As the lips are covered with a thin layer of skin, it loses its water content easily. Therefore, it is important to constantly drink beyond the point of thirst in order to provide the body with sufficient liquid that can help to replenish the water content in the lips.

3. Exfoliation for Perfection

To prevent the prevalence of irritated lips, it is ideal to exfoliate the lips by using gentle lip scrubs to remove all dead skin and other impurities. This ensures that a new layer of skin can grow and protect the lips.

4. Lip Balm, A Handy Companion

To achieve better results after exfoliation, applying lip balm to the lips provide sufficient protection against environmental factors and personal bad habits (licking of the lips). As lip balms are small and easy to carry around, it provides no excuse for anyone not to be equipped with it.

5. Oil It Up

Perhaps the most unconventional preventive measure is to rub olive oil on the lips. Attributes of olive oil include anti-inflammatory function, high levels of antioxidant and adequate moisture content. Not only does it help to lubricate the lips, it also offers soothing and softening benefits.


Chapped or irritated lips is a common hindrance in most of our lives. Without knowing the harmful effects, most of us would instinctively licks our lips whenever it feels dry or cracked. While the most effective way to treat chapped lips is by using lip balm, there are other methods available to us which aids in preventing the emergence of chapped lips. The most obvious way is to kick the habit of licking our lips but other more effective ways include using olive oil or lip scrub to help revitalize the thin layer of skin on the lips.

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