Five Ways to Spoil Your Mum on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to let your mum know just how special she is to you and this year falls on the 6th March.

Many people show appreciation for their mothers through a variety of different presents, whether it’s chocolates or flowers. Whilst these are lovely, If you’re looking at trying something a little different this year, here are five different ways in which you can spoil your mum this Mother’s Day.

Plant a tree

What is your mum’s favourite tree or plant? Seek it out and plant it in her garden. Each year, you’ll be reminded of the appreciation you have for your mother, whilst being able to see it grow and bloom.

Most flower retailers will have an assortment of plants on offer alongside their usual selection of flowers, so have a browse around and you may find something that stands out. For example, tree2mydoor have the likes of lemon, olive and silver birch tree gift sets on offer.

Make a memory box

What mum wouldn’t love the thought that has gone behind creating a memory box? This idea is great for anyone looking for a gift that’s both unique and inexpensive. The principle is simple, fill a box with mementos like photos, postcards or letters that each contain a little note detailing a memory that you have shared with your mum over the years.

If you have other siblings, this could be a great way of working with each other to create an unforgettable gift.

Printed marshmallows

If you’re looking at buying a sweet treat for your mum, then how about sending some printed marshmallows?

When you buy a box of nine marshmallows from Boomf, you are given creative freedom to print whatever you like on each mallow. You can use your favourite photos together, or write a personalised message – the choice is yours. Plus, the service includes free worldwide delivery so it’s ideal if you or your mum lives outside the UK.

Personalise a book

Who doesn’t love a good book? Go that extra bit further and create a book that is entirely personalised to your mum.

Thebookofeveryone gives you the option to create a ‘book of mum’ which is entirely dedicated to your mum, including a variety of facts and mottos to live by. You can choose to get the book made in either paperback or hardback, and it’s a great celebration of the person who brought you into the world.

Donate to charity

If you want to be extra considerate, how about giving the gift of charity this Mother’s Day?

Donating to charity could be a generous way of thinking about not only your mum, but also the many less fortunate mothers out there. Many charities now offer a gifting service, where your donation can be contributed towards a life-saving ‘gift’ to those that the charity supports. For example, at Oxfam a £6 donation can be put towards a health check, or donating £22 could be used to fix a well.

Whatever it is that you chose to treat your mother with, make sure that you are showing gratitude and appreciation to your mum every day of the year – not just on Mother’s Day.


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