Review: Business Cards from @auraprint

Businesses of all sizes need business cards and bloggers are no different! They are a great way to advertise your business and not have to scramble in your bag for a pen and paper to give your contact details. Of course finding the right design and deal can be tricky. 

We were sent some business cards to review from Aura Print. We didn’t use the website to order from, although I did check colours and design options through there. We did everything via email for this review but the website is easy to use. 

The whole process was simple. We don’t have a very complicated design so we kept it in keeping with the website. There was tracking information too, although the cards did arrive promptly. I loved the big box that they arrived in. Normally when I’ve had anything ‘business’ it’s in a boring cardboard box. This came in pink with pink tissue paper inside. 

The cards themselves are thick, they are difficult to bend so ideal for carrying in your purse and knowing they won’t be crumpled up. Because of this thickness, their is a core colour (ours is red) to highlight this thickness. I love that extra attention to the detail of our colours. I think the cards show off more quality with this attention to detail.

Really happy with the cards we were sent. They also have a variety of other digital printing services too, great for any business. 

We were sent these business cards for a honest review free of charge and we loved them! 

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