6 Games to Consider Getting This Christmas

If you’re a gamer or if you want to give one the greatest gift ever, these are the titles to look out for!


It is finally happening. Declared and brought back into public view last year, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian will release this December. At least, that’s what they’re telling us.

Like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, you’ll be able to expect another ravishing and deep experience, this time, built around the companionship of a young boy and his winged animal creature. The E3 appearance stirred some emotions, yet also showed a somewhat shaky camera control and unresponsive bits when they were messing with the controllers.

It was still under development, though, and it looks great! A potential gift for a lucky gamer

Will be Launched on: December, 9



I know many were expecting the next title to be Battlefield 5 and not Battlefield 1?

What matters is that Battlefield 1 is a welcome move from the modern shooting adventures of the recent entries, making us embark on a WWI voyage.

It is still classic Battlefield: expect stunning multiplayer shootouts with another kind of toolset for up to 64 players.

Anticipate horses, clubs, flamethrowers, and biplanes as you battle in the Italian Alps, Arabian deserts, and fields of France. And EA promises a much-improved solo campaign this time around.

Will be Launched on: October, 21


FIFA has been the undisputed football gaming winner for years now. What is the allure this time around for EA? Well, a proper narrative mode for starters – you will command a fictional character through key moments in his career and attempt to make him a star.

A good spin that has been suggested over and over for the last years’ titles – good that they decided to listen.

Frostbite engine was adopted this time around, to bring you lifelike images, and other improvements should come with animations and physics. Will FIFA retain its dominance over other titles?

We don’t know, but we’re enjoying it.

Already Out


Not into the flashback of Battlefield? How about an extreme flash forward? Call of Duty: Endless War takes the series’ recent future tilt to its logical conclusion, embracing the full sci-fi universe with outer space shootouts and starships. It’s Call of Duty meets Halo, minus the absurd-looking aliens.

There is a silver lining here if you adore Call of Duty but don’t dig the premise: Activision will also release Advanced War Remastered, an HD-updated variant of the 2007 classic that brings a gracious graphical overhaul and comprises the campaign and 10 of the original maps.

Will be Launched on: November, 4



If there is a particularly critical reason to keep a Nintendo 3DS around, it is Pokémon – notably since Nintendo does not release the core entries on any non-hand-held systems. And there’s two rather: Moon and Sun.

It looks a lot like the Pokémon X of 2013 and Y, which surely is not that bad, and we’ve got new monsters to choose from. Additional information is certain to follow, but for now, see the trailer that the brand already launched, and decide on a starting Pokemon.

To Be Launched on: November, 18! 


Thanks, Capcom, for renewing our fate on this series as Dead Rising 3 was a step towards the wrong direction, the Dead Rising 4 of this winter is a return to the series’ origins in more ways than one.

Not only does this open-world zombie-slayer appears to be utterly foolish and more over-the-top than ever, but additionally, it brings back original hero Frank West and takes place during the Christmas shopping season.

Seems like a concoction for hilarious slaying, which we can’t wait to savor.

To Be Launched on: December, 6!

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