Album Review: Bryan Deister – Spines of the Heart


Bryan is trained in classical, jazz, blues, progressive rock and modern music. He writes, sings and composes all of his music and he likes to make dark, thoughtful, well written music. He started taking writing music seriously and he has moved from classical and jazz into all of the 20th century style compositions. He works at Berklee College of Music where he keeps up his Writing and Composition Scholarship.

He says;

“Hopefully after Berklee I will continue to improve in all
facets and be able to write interesting music without starving.”

This album release ‘Spines of the Heart’ is mammoth album. There are over 20 songs across a 2 disc album, this isn’t a slight introduction, this is someone who means business. The album also picked up the silver medal at the 2016 Global Music Awards.

I felt that a lot of the album could be likened to Muse although I know Radiohead’s ‘King of Limbs’ is given as a comparison to what the album is like. I found various parts of every day life had creeped in, video game sounds and those haunting 90’s style lyrics.

I listened to the album whilst I was doing some housework (boring I know!) and I felt that it did motivate me to carry on. I think everyone can relate to needing some motivation to clean, right? I was surprised that there wasn’t much to distinguish between the tracks ending and the next one starting. It was only when I went over to see what track I was now on, had I realised that we were further along than I thought. This isn’t really a criticism as it didn’t effect my enjoyment of the album, this might have been what he had intended after all.

I really enjoyed this and love that he does everything himself. It feels more like a labour of love doing it on your own, especially such a big album.

You can stream the album on soundcloud.

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