Album Review: TALIA – Thugs They Look Like Angels


If you’re missing the early 90’s rock bands that you used to like then TALIA are definitely worth checking out. It can be hard these days to find the music you really want to listen about, to find the music that you really care about. This album can definitely set you on track for finding a new band to talk about with your friends. Maybe even gloat that you found them first!

Their album ‘Thugs They Look Like Angels’ is a robust, somewhat brash sounding sound that you’ll easily want to hear more of.

They already have two previous albums; Cockroach Killer (2008) and Permanent Midlife Crisis (2013). The band are Nicolas Costa (guitar/lead vocals), Alice Thomas (Bass/backing vocals) and Hervé Goardou (drums).

The album starts off with American Bride, it’s a solid introduction to this album.

All of this album serves as a reminder for what I used to enjoy listening to on repeat in my early teens. It can still be enjoyed into my mid 30’s too! My favourite tracks on the album were Johnny Bait and Self Induced Fever, partly because they were placed on the album at track 4 and 5. So it felt like that moment on every album where you have to make sure that everyone is still listening. I so am!

The album continues to boil up, with its punky edge making you think back to other bands like The Pixies, which really became more evident as the album carried on. There is a theme here too, a theme that there is chaos. We all have our own forms of chaos and this album takes that chaos and pushes it all out in musical form.


This French band have really impressed on me and I’ll be checking out their two previous albums soon. They are already scheduled to to open for Nashville Pussy in France next year.

You can listen to the album;

Check out TALIA

You can find out more about TALIA via their website, facebook, bandcamp and twitter.

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