EP Review: Phoebe Nir – Side Hustle 

It’s not every day that you come across an EP that’s great for those of us that love musicals. NYC based Phoebe Nir has released her debut EP ‘Side Hustle’ via True Groove Records. She has performed at some of New York’s hottest venues. At the moment she is developing a Broadway-bound musical theatre trilogy ‘Diana & Navy’ with composer/producer Tomás Doncker. 

Side Hustle intrigued me for the musical edge as it isn’t a very popular genre for artists. Especially not in the UK for sure. For me, I love musicals. The escapism, the passion, the stories – the emotion that fills you with each song along the way. 

The arrangements for this were;

Horn arrangements by Mac Gollehon

Lead vocal: Phoebe Nir

Backup vocals: True Groove All-Stars

Guitars: Tomás Doncker, James Dellatacoma

Keyboards: Nick Rolfe

Bass: Mike Griot

Drums: James “Whoop” Coley

Keyboards: Nick Rolfe, Manu Koch

Guest vocals on “Side Hustle” – Charlie Funk

It starts with a very well known track, ‘Lust For Life’. This Iggy Pop classic (co-written by David Bowie) sounds even more upbeat than the original. She’s more carefree, more happy. Especially towards the end of the song, you can feel the happiness. ‘Joe’, ‘Film School’ and ‘Side Hustle’ show her passions for the musical themes. The songs are each constructed well and there’s enough catchy to have you either singing along or tapping your foot along. ‘Broken Parts’ caught me off guard a little as it had been highly energised but this was more calm. Worry not, just a temporary change. Just drums and vocals feels like a welcome movement from the rest of the EP. It was ‘Oh Ana’ that brought quite possibly the standout track. The storytelling is beautiful played and this song really shows off Phoebe’s strengths. 

Overall, I did really like this album. It had surprised me because of the genre but in a good way. It is a rather niche area and not everyone will like this for sure. But I feel there is definitely a place for Phoebe and more music like this. 

Check out Phoebe’s website and also the True Groove Records website

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