Review: Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Eye Spray

Review: Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Eye Spray

I never had a problem with eye drops until about five years ago, not sure what happened but I just found that I couldn’t get them to work. Or better still, my eyes refused to work with the drops. It would forever miss and land on my cheek or land on my top – how bad is my aim! I persevered and remembered when the Optrex Actimist came out that it looked good!

I’ll confess I did see the price of them and think I’d continue with the drops as it seemed like a lot more to pay for what seemed like a passing fad. Some smaller trial bottles would have helped, they still might.

Review: Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Eye Spray

Did you know that having dry eyes is a common condition? It occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly, which leads the eyes drying out and becoming red, swollen or irritated. There are many potential triggers for dry eyes including working with computers, dry climates and hot blowing air.

This liposomal spray helps repair the oily layer of natural tear film, which could have been disturbed by environmental factors such as staring at screen for too long, air-conditioning or central heating.

I find that my eyes dry out quickly when I’ve moved from the cold into the warm indoors and also air conditioning too! The mist is so much easier than the drops, I definitely have better aim with a spray. I’m not a contact lens wearer but if you are, you can still use the actimist. It also can be used wearing make up, I like to wear eyeliner and it didn’t smudge my make up at all.

I have totally been converted into buying another actimist when I need one. I should add that these are 10ml sprays and that is approximately 100 doses so I shouldn’t need anymore for quite some time. But now I do feel that it is totally worth the price.

I also reviewed their warming mask too.

You can find out more on their Optrex website.

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