Review: Optrex Warming Eye Mask

Review: Optrex Warming Eye Mask
We are forever being told that we are stressed and taking less time to relax so when Optrex sent me a pack of their new innovative eye masks I was delighted. These are warming eye masks and they start to warm up as soon as you take the out of their individual packet. They will provide ten minutes of soothing MicrosteamTM to help relax those tired eyes.

These have never been seen in the UK before and they are very big right now as a wellness product. For me I was intrigued as I’ve put cucumber on my eyes and a cold (and wet) cloth onto my eyes but never anything warm. I felt like I had been missing a trick for all these years!

Review: Optrex Warming Eye Mask
The masks themselves are pretty explanatory when you take the out of their individual packet. You pull the sides away and see where you are supposed to attach them over your ears. I thought the warmth sensation was a little weird at first, it’s not too hot though but like I mentioned I was used to putting cooler things onto my eyes before. The ten minutes flew by and when I took the mask off I could feel that the areas around my eyes were less strained. I think this would help those who might get a bad headache regularly maybe. My eyes also felt more open and I looked at them in the mirror and they seemed more bright.

These are recommended for travelling and before bedtime. I chose to set an alarm because they don’t want you to fall asleep with these on. Which I admit I am sure I almost did as they do block out a lot of light!

You can buy them as an unscented two pack for £3.99 and a 8 pack for £9.99. There is also a lavender scented option, available only in Boots. You can find out more at

I have used both of the masks now and whilst they can be used every day I think for me twice a week will be enough. I think I might try to give my eyes less stress by being more aware of what time I spend looking at screens.

To further enhance the Eye Mask experience for its consumers, Optrex has joined forces with renowned sound engineer, techno wizard and former DJ Ash Sargeant to curate a soothing soundtrack. Sound sorcerer Ash has transformed the mundane, monotonous murmurs heard during the day, such as the tapping of a keyboard, train wheels on a track and taxi horns blaring, into a calming playlist to enhance your me-time and propel you to Cloud Nine. You can check out the Optrex playlist on YouTube and watch a short documentary showing Ash working his musical magic.

Take yourself to Cloud Nine for 10 minutes with Optrex Warming Eye Mask and accompanying soundtrack:

Have you tried these masks yet?

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