Single Review: bitter’s kiss – My God


Chloe Baker is bitter’s kiss, she does the vocals, guitar, piano and she is also the songwriter. Her father, Michael, looks after the bass, drums, guitar, piano and he also handles the production side. Their music is likened to Regina Spektor and Carole King, to name a few. There’s obviously a passion for music here and she uses her ability to write music like a diary. It gives the audience and insight into how moments have affected her. Whilst Chloe seems at the forefront of this project, it’s clear that working with her father is something she enjoys. The both compliment each other well and work well as a duo.

This single ‘My God’ is described by Chloe;

“My God is my reaction to the irony in religious conflict. Religious beliefs are most often promoted as ways to make us better people, but can also be used to justify violence against others, with both sides believing that God is on their side. The idea for the video was to show sameness and humanity in our different religious expressions.”

I really liked the song and whilst the religious side is obvious in both title and lyrics, it isn’t being rammed down at you. I probably wouldn’t have listened to this as eagerly without seeing some previous reviews of their other songs. I definitely felt like the song was being sung to each individual who is listening. Maybe the religious tone will pass over you but there’s something to take on for anyone.

It’s clear that whilst Chloe is fairly new on the music scene that she has built up an emotive and engaged following. Her social media numbers are impressive and they clearly love the emotive storytelling and the music style that the duo make. With Chloe’s diary being her songwriting, she does tackle some emotional parts of her life. The music always seems positive and feels very much like you can tackle anything that is thrown at you.

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I’m now a fan and I’m going to check out the rest of their music and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.


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