Single Review: Jordan Alexander – Take Me Out Tonight

Jordan Alexander
As soon as I heard the first 20-30 seconds of this track by Jordan Alexander, I knew I’d love the rest too. There was something comforting about the sound and I instantly liked her.

Jordan has been called “the next gay pop star” by AfterEllen and it’s clear that big things are ahead for her.

The video for this track shares the same dreamy vibe as the sounds. The video is directed by Jarvis Church.

Stream “The Lonely Hearts Club” EP privately via Soundcloud:

She has also been getting important nods from the media too. She has only been on the music scene since 2013 but AfterEllen as mentioned above has noted her. Also as “ Queer Ones To Watch in 2016”. Then Bif Naked personally chose Jordan to appear on the Bif Naked – I,Bificus – Songs and Stories Tour.

Jordan found her love for songwriting and performing three years ago when her girlfriend bought her a guitar and signed her up for the Spectra Talent Competition. She won performing one of her original songs! 

Jordan also performed in Ebonnie Rowe’s all-girl music showcase ‘Honey Jam’for two years in a row. Originally from Vancouver, BC Jordan has found a home in the Toronto music scene. Jordan’s first year at Honey Jam connected her with her now producer, Grammy nominated, Juno award winning producer Gerald Eaton. 

Jordan’s heartfelt lyrics, catchy choruses and sultry voice are a staple of her music. These all make her debut album even more intriguing for being someone so new on the music scene. Her album ‘The Lonely Hearts Club’ released June of 2016. 

Jordan met Bif Naked and her manager Peter Karroll selling books at Bif’s book launch. Peter now manages Jordan and had her opening for Bif Naked in Toronto at the Adelaide hall May 17th 2016, and in Ottawa at Mavericks May 18th. 

Jordan has also opened for UK singer Jess Glynne (love her too!) in 2015, and shared the stage with Tegan and Sara in 2014. She is set to perform June 17th and 18th in Columbus, Ohio for their pride celebrations and in Toronto July 3rd.

Really enjoyed the single, it’s catchy and upbeat. Easy to keep the tune in your head after it’s finished. The album seems very much the same. If you like your fun, catchy pop music then this if for you! 

Follow more about Jordan on her website and social media below.

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