Single review: The Other Life – Happiness


Today I’m here to tell you about the music single ‘Happiness’ from The Other Life. This Swedish electronica/indie solo artist who does everything himself; playing, programming and arranging all the music and instruments himself.

It’s clear that whilst The Other Life are new to the scene, they’ve been a lover of music for a long time. The construction of the Happiness track for example as enough key elements to make the listener more and more engaged as the song progresses. Whilst probably more suited to a clubbing environment, I enjoyed listening to this several times whilst out driving. It’s got a very catchy bassline throughout and the lyrics are easily memorable throughout. I liked that the song built up during the song length, so many build up to the chorus and then back down again to start back up. I liked the section where it did get slower, around 1min30 and progressively built back up again.

I like that the identity of The Other Life is secret, although it does make writing this difficult because I’m forever curious about who he is. The other things that I like about a one-man project is that it is one man! He’s doing it all, including making the album artwork too! Apparently going to see The Other Live though brings a lovely intimate feel as you’re encouraged to sit down and chat for a bit. I LOVE THAT! So many gigs/concerts can feel so impersonal these days, mainly because of the gigantic venues they are in but this seems so personal. Especially as you have no idea who HE is!

Totally intrigued and looking forward to hearing more from The Other Life!

This release is available now on NuDeal Records. You can download it HERE.

You can also stream the single via soundcloud.

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