Single Review: The smallest Creature – Enchanting

How about some Cyprus based-rock music? Think more early Muse and Radiohead style and this is perfect for you. The smallest Creature started off as an alias in 2007 by Stefanos Marnerides. In 2011, he moved to Larnaca from NY and this is when The smallest Creature became a power trio! Stephanos Nicolaou and lacovos Stylianides joined Stefanos, previous bandmates and long standing friends. So the setup of the band is that Stefanos is vocals, guitars and songwriting; lacovos is on drums and then Stephanos is on bass. They have an album due for release soon, no name yet for their release. They recorded the album in Fishbone Studios, under the old Barrel House pub, with engineer the Mole (Marios Hadjikos).


I’m not quite sure what I had thought The smallest Creature would sound like but I was instantly smiling at the catchy vibe to this song. It’s quite an upbeat sound with slight moments that echo deep down into your soul. As an introduction to their sound this really impressed upon me and their album release will surely be something I’ll be looking out for. They have previously released the following singles already; Reboot (30/07/2016), Copenhagen (26/08/2016), Spring (16/09/2016) and now Enchanting which was released on the 1st of October this year.

I think The small Creature become instantly likeable with just one listen. Normally it can take a few listens to get to “know” a band or artist, I found that I was instantly intrigued by them and wanting to hear more. Instantly memorable and intrigued!

You can check out the single Enchanting via soundcloud.


Check out Enchanting on bandcamp

Also be sure to check out their website, facebook, twitter and tumblr.


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