Gifts for Video Game Fans

Now is the time to start your gift shopping. Maybe you’ve already organized your list together or you are tired of taking heat for being a last-minute shopper. We’ve got you covered, with great ideas for the gamers in your life. But, if you are the biggest gamer you know, we won’t judge if you decide to do some shopping for yourself, and then get back to earning that high score you’ve been working on.

Gifts for the Mario Fanatics in Your Life

Nintendo fans are known for their fierce loyalty to their favorite jumping plumber Mario and his crew. Show your support for the hero in overalls with a hoodie or t-shirt. And, while we’re on the subject of Nintendo, now is a great time to grab something for those fans who won’t let go of their obsession with all things Nintendo 64 or Wii. Considering we now know a bit more about Nintendo’s upcoming system, showing a bit of nostalgic pride seems timely to us.

Something for the Diggers and Miners

Everyone loves Minecraft, and, thankfully, Minecraft lovers are easy to shop for. Vinyl figures, Creeper scarfs, and t-shirts are just some of the many things you can pick up for those on your list who are addicted to the blocky building game. Why does the Creeper face look so cool on t-shirts? We never feel that way when we see them in the game.

Zelda Fans Celebrate!

It has been thirty years since The Legend of Zelda was released. That’s right. We were first introduced to Link and Princess Zelda back in 1986. Why not mark the thirtieth anniversary of the fantasy video game favorite with a hoodie or t-shirt? Everybody looks good in Zelda gear!

Finish Him!

Are you unsure of what to buy the fighting fanatics on your list? Mortal Kombat t-shirts make an awesome gift. We are also a bit partial to anything with Scorpion. What about matching Scorpion and Sub-Zero robes? Not that we are encouraging fighting or duels around the holidays, but they do make awesome gifts for those who are fans of all things Mortal Kombat.

Suit Up, Batman

The Batman: Arkham video game series has earned plenty of praise from fans and critics alike. Why not have something under the tree for the Batman gamers in your life? There is plenty to be found for both the heroes and villains in your life. Arkham prison inmate gear is stylish! From Arkham t-shirts to Batman hoodies, the Batman fans on your list will be easy to shop for this holiday season.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter V came out earlier this year; why not end the year in style with some Street Fighter gear? There are plenty of t-shirts featuring the look and style of the original arcade favorite. There’s also a line of belts featuring all of your favorite characters. Don’t forget the Street Fighter fans on your list this year!

Get Shopping with Sonic Speed

We bet that Sonic the Hedgehog gets his gift shopping done early, too, right? If you have someone on your list who is a fan of the fastest hedgehog, you’re in luck. Figures, check. T-shirts and hats, check. There is something for the Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow fans, too. The ultra-fast blue hero has never lost his style. Get your gift shopping done now—that way, you will have plenty of time to fight off Dr. Eggman!

World of Warcraft

Do you have someone on your list obsessed with World of Warcraft? No problem, because there are a ton of great gift ideas for them, too. T-shirts, hats, and keychains will keep the World of Warcraft fans in your life looking good all year round.

Surviving the Gift Shopping Season

We hope your gift buying isn’t as awful as trying to survive in Resident Evil! Don’t stress out, because there are tons of awesome ideas for the Resident Evil players, as well. There are Umbrella Corporation t-shirts and Raccoon City Police Department gear. Honestly, there are enough great ideas to survive any virus outbreak or zombie infestation.

Gifts for Angry Birds

Holiday shopping should never cause you to look as angry as the Angry Birds! Are you looking for some ideas for fans of the mad, round flyers on your list? Angry Birds hats, t-shirts, and beanies look good on everyone and make for great gifts. We promise the gifts are cool enough that the Angry Birds fans in your life will put down their phone and thank you, and then, of course, get back to flinging their favorite wingless birds.

The Hottest Christmas Gifts Since 1978

Space Invader fans are covered, too! There are great gift ideas for those on your list who are always fighting off pesky, pixelated aliens. Why didn’t they come out with this stuff in 1978? No bother; the game is still cool. Everyone will enjoy t-shirts and belts, but, for the biggest fans, how about an alien pillow? Maybe you preferred Galaga, in which case you might want to pick up a t-shirt.

Assassins Creed

No time travel needed to pick up these cool gifts for the Assassins Creed fans on your list. Phone cases, wallets, t-shirts, and lots more will keep fans of the series looking good throughout the entire year. There is no shortage of awesome ideas for these gamers.

For Those on Your List with Pac-Man Fever

Everyone’s favorite 8-bit eater has never lost his style. There are plenty of gift ideas for Pac-Man fans, not to mention ideas for those more partial to those pesky ghosts, too. You’ll score bonus points with these gifts that are sure to cure Pac-Man Fever. Once your holiday shopping is done, you can resume chasing those ghosts.

Rock On!

Show the rock stars on your list that you care. For the Guitar Hero fans, there are lots of cool t-shirts to check out. All rock stars need to nail the look, so help them out by getting them something this holiday season.

Shopping for Gamers

The best part about shopping for gamers is that there are so many cool ideas out there. From t-shirts to gear, there is no shortage of great gift ideas. Gamers will love showing off their loyalty and dedication in style. Pause your game and get your gift shopping done now, and then you can get back to reaching that high score, saving Princess Peach, or defeating whatever evil villain is in your way.

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